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Malta, a quaint island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, with beautiful warm water and a mild climate all year round. The island boasts  a wealth of historic buildings that would make for exclusive and character-filled wedding venues, as well as jaw dropping backdrops with exquisite views of the sea and the Maltese Islands. Just a few hours away from Great Britain and many other European countries, Malta is a relaxed yet exotic choice for any wedding.

For those couples coming from abroad, we have put together the must-have information for having your wedding in Malta, and the good news is it's all relatively simple.

Our Lady of Victory Chapel, Valletta

Having a Religious Wedding Ceremony in Malta

  • In Malta, a religious wedding ceremony is legally binding.

  • Religious marriages are celebrated in the church of your own denomination.

  • Malta is recognised as a Roman Catholic country with the majority of the population belonging to the Catholic church (91%!).

  • On your marriage application, you will need to state where you will be having your ceremony and the name of the priest who will perform the ceremony. (You must give 3 months’ notice if you are changing either your place of marriage or the priest.)


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Organising a Civil Wedding in Malta

  • Civil marriages can be celebrated in the Marriage Registry itself, which is located in Valletta, Malta's capital city.

  • If you prefer, a Civil marriage can also take place at any other venue open to the public and which the Registrar accepts as appropriate. You can choose from wedding halls, conference rooms and other public areas within hotel precincts.

  • Civil marriages cannot be conducted at poolside areas or on private beaches.

  • On your marriage application, you need to state your intended place of marriage. (You must give 3 months’ notice if you then decide to change this.)

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