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Malta - A hidden treasure 

Malta, known as L-Art Helwa, or 'the Sweet Land' is one of the smallest countries in the European Union and is composed of five islands, Malta being the biggest. Her sister islands Gozo and Comino are beauties in themselves, and all of their combined history, location, weather and the warm Maltese themselves have made it a tucked away treasure in the Mediterranean Sea.

Grand Harbour Valletta

Malta and its islands have a chequered history, having been  dominated by the biggest power of the time, attracted by Malta’s strategic location between Europe, Africa and the East.
The Phoenicians were followed by the Arabs, Romans, the Knights of Malta, and the French under the reign of Napoleon. Last  but not least Malta was a British Colony from 1800 up until 1979, when the last British boats left the Maltese harbours and Malta declared its independence.


View of Valletta From Sliema

Malta is part of Commonwealth and is a Member State of the European Union. Generally speaking, the Maltese are patriotic and they manifest their love for Malta very proudly. The family is considered as one of the strongest pillars of society, which greatly manifests in the fact that Malta is a predominately Roman catholic country . 

St John's Cathedral Valletta

Our quaint country is rich in history and heritage. The islands are considered an open-air museum due to the big number of historically important sites spread across the length of the 'rock', and one can find everything from Neolithic temples to baroque gems bequeathed by the Knights, to war time architecture and recently restored private palazzos that showcase a Maltese history like no other. This, coupled with over 300 days of sun, makes Malta the ideal destination wedding backdrop.

Westin Dragonara Resort

We at Destination Weddings would be delighted to welcome you to our home, show you its exquisite charms, in the hopes you will love it as we do. 

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